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complaineAkash    Peoria, Illinois
I love to learn and I'm open to trying lots of stuff but needle's and heights are hella scary. I'm a mechanic at work on diesel equipment and build cars on the side at home. I'm also learning how to c
how can i add photos to my iphoneReallifeguy    walsall, England
I am really easy going and enjoy doing anything really as my eyes are always open to new things. My outlook on life is much different now as I realise now what is important to me in my life as have ex
open facebook at workkevslick    Oakville, Ontario
I'm easy going, enjoy the outdoors, reading, movies. Not looking for a relationship at the moment, just friends would be nice!
only one like youandrei25    Wolverhampton, England
I'm a laid back guy who likes to do anything from hanging out with friends and family to being somewhat adventurous. I don't really have a hobbies. However, I am a kid at heart who likes to be funny at times.

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