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tiffany reesedonnotfilcyawho    murcia, Murcia
interests. Computers and the like, a few things pertaining to my studies (finance). I got a tablet (art) and use it from time to time, I follow politics but apparently it is not interesting.
kayla castillobenjamencardy    Nottingham, England
I'm a pretty chill guy. Really laid back. I like to read for work, play video games, watch TV and take naps. Especially take naps. I drink socially. I have a submissive personally but I don't like it.
louis tarantinohappybob    Oshawa, Ontario
Busco disfrutar de la vida y encontrar la persona con la que este en esa misma onda para que podamos compartirlo. No necesito grandes cosas. Me gustan los detalles y mucho ( no tienen que ser mat
izzy popsconzy    Allenhurst, Georgia
Hamza From London moved to Cambridge Working/studying Inked and love fitness. Learning and development is my style Love meeting and greeting. If we match message me :)

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